Assertive people enjoy their lives and launch themselves into relationships which bring them happiness, and allow for their creative spirit to flourish.  The assertive person finds a way of having their needs met without hurting others, can say no easily and understands what their needs are.  They live their lives to the full, and behave in a responsible way.  They recognise when passive behaviour may be the only way forward but use that consciously rather than being submissive.  Assertiveness becomes a way of life and being, rather than just a way of speaking to get needs met.

All of this, understandably, takes time and although a one day course will not solve all your problems, it will help you look at your own behaviour and how you might be contributing to your own problems and difficulties in dealing with people in different situations.

The course will include:

  • The four different types of behaviour: passive, aggression, indirect aggression and assertiveness.
  • How to identify which one of these behaviours you use most often
  • Building rapport with colleagues
  • Reading body and language and how to be aware of your own.
  • How to say no even when you feel guilty about that
  • Identifying different uses of language and techniques
  • Understanding the advantages of assertive behaviour

How will this be done?

Delegates will be given exercises to do in small groups and handouts to complete and take away.  Group discussion is encouraged and role plays are part of the day, these are run safely and often with the whole group’s participation.  Confidentiality is stressed at the beginning of the day and will be honoured by the group leader.

By the end of the course, members of the group hopefully will feel more confident and be able to recognise how to increase their levels of self esteem.

Assertiveness makes people more comfortable with themselves and reduces fear and anxiety.  These things will be addressed in this course and hopefully will encourage participants to move forward in a productive and rewarding way.