Elegant Solutions for Awkward Situations

Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

This successful course is structured around dealing with difficult behaviour.  The workshop will begin with an overview of four main types of behaviour; participants will be given an exercise to help them recognise the characteristics and effects of these behaviours and hopefully identify parts of themselves and others.

Group members will receive a skills training through brief lectures, exercises and role play.  Techniques will be offered such as “I” statements, building rapport and reading body language.  They will be encouraged to develop their own strategies and will be given a goal setting exercise in order to have a definite plan when they leave the course.

Throughout the day, delegates are asked to examine their own difficult behaviours and how they might improve them in the workplace.  They will look at responding as opposed to reacting and how they can make a difference in their own transactions.

Analysing a further four types of challenging behaviour will offer participants additional skills in identifying, addressing and negotiating difficult situations which they may meet in the workplace setting.

Learning Outcomes:

Delegates on the training day will learn:

  • How to identify different behaviours
  • How to examine their own behaviours
  • New ways of communication
  • How to build rapport by reading body language
  • How to meet challenging attitudes

This course has been designed to run for six hours and although three hour session can be accommodated, material and benefits would be more limited.