Training the Trainer

Do you know what it is you want from your group? Do you know what they want from you? How are you going to find out?

This course is designed for those who wish to train others to do this for themselves, whatever the subject might be.

How will this be done?

The following points will be covered:

  • How to make group members feel at ease
  • How to make a contract with the group
  • How to be assertive as the group leader and encourage that in others
  • How to define what the group members want
  • How to be group centred and also have a plan for the day
  • How to end the group
  • How to engender trust in the group

When you are training others it is fundamental to success that you know how to listen and how to give feedback.  We will see how listening skills can be developed  and how to give both positive and negative appraisal.

Presentation skills will be developed throughout the day and how important the use of respectful language is to group members.  We will look at the style and structure of listening and how to read body language effectively.


Participants will be able to listen more effectively, and will have learnt the skill of reflecting back.  Their assertion skills will have improved and they will have found the style of presentation they feel most comfortable with.  They will be more confident in their ability to communicate and to train others to a high standard.  It will hopefully be a starting point for more training for themselves.