I am a qualified Psychodrama/ Psychotherapist trained at the Holwell Centre in Devon. From 1992- 1995 I trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy at Wellspring Edinburgh. I have a group therapy qualification from the Institute of Group Analysis in London and a certificate in supervision from the Edinburgh Gestalt Institute.

I am registered and accredited by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.

I have had extensive experience as a psychotherapist , clinical supervisor and training consultant .  I have been in the world of therapy for over 30 years and run a thriving practice in the South side of Glasgow.

My psychotherapy practice allows clients to explore their issues in a safe and nurturing environment. I am particularly interested in childhood emotional neglect , trauma and anxiety. I believe that anxiety often covers up unbearable feelings and these feelings often manifest physically.

I encourage people to be creative with their solutions and help them feel better about themselves. I also worked extensively in theatre and for many years was a member of the Theatre of Spontaneity which travelled in Europe and particularly Scandinavia.

My experience includes running workshops on dealing with difficult behaviour at work and assertiveness skills. I now use this with individuals and supports clients in learning how to deal with difficult and challenging behaviour and be assertive in the home and workplace.